My name is Mr. Silver Haze

I am Mr. Silverhaze, this is and remains my pseudonym because after years of having earned my money in the illegal marijuana cultivation where I ended up in by accident and for which I was also punished by the law, I decided to write a book about it, “The green gold” .
A book full of true stories about what I have experienced in this world. The book is now available in five languages.

In the years as an illegal grower I have learned a lot about growing, the plant itself, the problems you can encounter as a grower during the cultivation, but also how special this plant is with its beneficial substances.

Despite a number of wanderings in the field of work, (after all, there must be some bread on the shelf!) The world of Cannabis continues to attract me, I have decided not to lose my knowledge & passion but this time in a legal way That is why in 2021 I am now releasing my own brand “The green gold”.

All products of high quality, which have been extensively tested for the Food & Non Food Industry