Green Gold Waffle


Enjoy some delicious, crispy cannabis Waffles for your breakfast or snacks. The Waffles are moist and have a gooeyness that melts on your tongue when you take a bite. Our fresh Waffles are cooked at the right temperature and period, so that they are neither too dry nor burnt for your liking. However, the cooking period is long enough to cook the inside perfectly.



Belgium Waffle with Cannabis Terpenes and 20mg CBD! High Quality!

By infusing cannabis into the dough, we offer you the health benefits of marijuana as well as its great taste. We source our cannabis from safe, high-quality sources, where no other elements are included. Therefore, we assure you of the health benefits and safeguard against contamination. Cannabis is high in vitamins, fibre and minerals with high folate content for cell repair, iron for blood oxygenation and calcium for healthy bones. Cannabis does not contain psychotic elements and is, therefore, suitable for the whole family.


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