Silver Haze Stroopwaffle


What a better way to start you day then with our euphoria- influencing and nutrient-filled Mr Silverhaxe Silver haze stroop waffles. It prepares and conditions both your body and mind to face the challenges of the day.



The waffles, induced with CBD and terpenes extracted from the naturally grown Silver haze, leave your mind and body in a state of happiness. You get to enjoy your breakfast while getting the boost you need for your day.


We infuse our Silver haze stroopwafels with high-quality CBD and terpenes from naturally grown Silver Haze. We use state of the art process to remove all impurities and do not use additives. The naturally occurring terpenes also have nutritional benefits. We use independent third parties for quality assurance, offering our clients nutrient-filled and potent Silver Haze stroopwafels.


Just like on normal stroopwafels, on Silver Haze stroopwafels you can use any topping. Spice it up with chocolate, whipped cream, maple syrup or your favourite topping. Let your mouth and tongue savour the million sensory massaging tastes. Be careful though not to consume a lot on the very first day. It could have medicinal advantages for people with nausea.

Order yourself Silver Haze stroopwafels for breakfast and have high spirits throughout the day.


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