CBD Oil 5%

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Are you looking to explore the wonders of CBD Oil? Well, MR Silverhaze CBD oil 5% is the perfect product for you. It offers a mild potency in the middle between CBD oil 2.5%(whose potency is weak) and CBD Oil 10%(whose potency is much stronger for beginners).



We attain absolute purity by extracting from naturally grown EU hemp minus the use of pesticides and other chemicals. The product is free of additives and other impurities. Rather, it is full of all cannabinoid spectrum and naturally occurring terpenes to give test and nutrients.

All THC is extracted enabling you to use the CBD, and go on with your daily activities without worry of getting high.


Our CBD oil 5% is of high quality. We engage in top standard processes in extracting the oil. We apply complex CO2 extraction and filtration whose results are clean CBD oil 5%. We use third parties who independently test for the quality and purity of the oil.

Usage of Mr Silverhaze CBD oil 10%

Using CBD Oil 10% is as simple as;

  • Shake well before use
  • Use a dropper that comes with each purchase to draw oil from the bottle
  • Put the dropper below your tongue and place drops
  • Hold up to a minute and swallow
  • The recommended dose is 3-4 drops, thrice a day.
  • Due to perishability store your oil in a cool, dry place once you have opened the box.

Get yourself CBD oil 5% if you are a beginner looking for that hazy vibe minus getting high.

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