CBD oil 20%


Are you used to CBD Oil and need a higher dose? Mr Silverhaze’s CBD Oil 20% is a perfect solution for you. Specifically made for individuals with a history of CBD oil use, the highly concentrated oil gives comprehensive benefits.



To achieve the full benefits of the oil, we use carefully picked organically grown hemp. It provides much-needed high-quality cannabinoids and terpenes with essential gains. Your daily routine moves on normally as the oil does not contain the highness providing THC.

The choice of carrier is olive oil. We blend it with the oil for nutritional purposes, improved rate of absorption and improved taste. Each drop delivers a notable effect.


We ensure the quality of the product through independent, precise quality control. Our advanced CO2 extraction and purification guarantee each purchase of our quality CBD Oil 20% is side effect free. Elimination of all additives and artificial chemicals delivers harmful side effect free products.

Usage of Mr Silverhaze CBD oil 20%

Using CBD Oil 20% is as simple as;

  • Shake well before use
  • Use a dropper that comes with each purchase to draw oil from the bottle
  • Put the dropper below your tongue and place drops
  • Hold up to a minute and swallow
  • The recommended dose is 3-4 drops, thrice a day.
  • Due to perishability store your oil in a cool, dry place once you have opened the box.

For higher potency and pure CBD oil go for Mr Silverhaze CBD oil 20%


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