CBD Oil 10%


For starters and users looking for that maximum effect regularly, Mr Silverhaze CBD oil 10% is the ideal choice. It is one of the strongest and purest forms of CBD oil.



To achieve such purity, we only use hemp grown naturally as per European standards. We use hemp grown minus the use of dangerous pesticides and other poisonous chemicals. The extraction also follows strict manufacturing standards without using additives and preservatives. It is best as it does not necessitate users to move to higher doses making it the most popular CBD oil.

Like other CBD oils, Mr Silverhaze CBD oil 10% is olive based. It adds nutrients and taste to the oil which a higher absorption rate.


Our CBD oil is independently tested by third parties for quality assurance. Elimination of additives ensures the conscious users enjoy the whole spectrum of cannabinoids minus other drawbacks. It doesn’t get the user high meaning your daily activities go on without impairment.

Usage of Mr Silverhaze CBD oil 10%

Using CBD Oil 10% is as simple as;

  • Shake well before use
  • Use a dropper that comes with each purchase to draw oil from the bottle
  • Put the dropper below your tongue and place drops
  • Hold up to a minute and swallow
  • The recommended dose is 3-4 drops, thrice a day.
  • Due to perishability store your oil in a cool, dry place once you have opened the box.

For that mellow feeling on high potency CBD oil Mr Silverhaze 10% is the go-to.


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