Bugs Buster


The Green Gold Bugs Buster is a 100% natural solution against: Spider Mites / Spint, white Flies, ants, fly’s, barnacles, broad Mites & Russed Mites, bud Rot or Mold, cricketsm, fungus Gnats.

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Owning property is one thing. Protecting it from damage is another. Bugs, mites, fungus and other small intruders may move in uninvited. Dealing with the problem is cumbersome. Using chemical products to deal with the problem could be harmful. Well, Silverhaze Bugsbuster is your answer. It is a solution made from purely the cannabis plants with the capability to kill insects and fungi.


The cannabis plants used in making Mr Silver Haze Bugsbuster are naturally grown. During the extraction of the cannabinoids needed, we use natural means and solvents. It ensures that the cannabinoids are pure and toxic material free. Independent third parties check the safety and quality of the solution. It ensures that people can interact with the solution safely.


Mr Silver Haze Bugsbuster is a natural solution. You will not need to move out when you use the solution. It won’t need any protective clothing too. The solution can fight against; spider mites, ants, flys, Mold, crickets, fungus, whiteflies, fungus, barnacles and gnats.

To deal with unwanted insects and fungi from your house without any effort , order yourself the Mr Silverhaze Bugsbuster.


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