Blueberrry Kush Stroopwaffle


Are you a fan of Blueberry looking for a way to get hazy on that Sunday brunch or maybe you are not big on smoking? Mr Silverhaze’s blueberry kush Stroopwaffle is your answer.



They are normal caramel waffle cookies borrowing inspiration from traditional Dutch stroopwafels. The twist is that they have infused CBD and terpenes, you get to enjoy the normal crunchiness of the outside and chewiness of the inside of a normal waffle, enjoy your company and have a hazy ending to it. You get to accompany the feeling with the sweet tongue tantalizing flavour of strawberry. What a perfect smokeless way to spend time with your kush using friends?


We extract the CBD and terpenes used from naturally grown kush. It undergoes a cleaning process to eliminate all impurities and CO2 while retaining the essential nutrient giving terpenes. The added CBD ensures the stroopwafels give that mellow effect you are seeking.


The Mr Silverhaze strawberry kush stroopwafels are edibles that affect people differently. It is advisable to start with a few bites for beginners. It takes a while to kick in so do not hurry and consume more thinking the potency is low. For regular smokers, 2 or 3, stroopwafels will deliver that punch.

Accompany the waffles with tea, cocoa, or coffee. Taking them on there own will do the trick too.

Call your friends over, offer them the delicious strawberry kush stroopwafels and enjoy your dulcet company.


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